Product Name : Ø9 (MS-66 / MS-67) Embedded Magnetic Switch
Product Description
MS-66 (9Øx20 NC.)/
MS-67 (9
Øx20 NC.)  
Product Introduction
(MS-66 / MS-67) Embedded Magnetic Switch
Model Name:MS-66 (9Øx20 NC.) / MS-67 (9Øx20 NC.)

Key Features

1. Indoor Use.

  1. 2. Operation Distance:15 mm max ( between the magnet and switch ).
    • 3. MS-66 (9Øx20 NC.)/ MS-67 (9Øx20 NC.)  
    •     Contact capacity:30VDC / 0.1A (Maximum)
    •     Operation distance: 15mm
MS-66/ MS-67
Operating Distance 15 mm
Alarm Signal NC. 0.1A/ 30 VDC
Contact Resistance 200mΩ