Product Name : 30M / 60M Twin Photoelectric Beam Sensor (2PH-30TAI / 2PH-60TAI)
Product Introduction

Model:30M / 60M Twin Photoelectric Beam Sensor
P/N:2PH-30TAI / 2PH-60TAI


  1. This sensor is designed for wide area detection. EX:Factory、Residential、Parking、Farm、Fish Farm.
  2. 30 m / 60 m Protection Range for Outdoor Use.
  3. 4 sets 2PH-30/60 TAI could be stacked and operated on the same pole with same direction by total four(4) duals and eight(8) beams protection.
  4. The sensor is designed with FDM﹝Frequency-division multiplexing﹞、TDM﹝Time-Division Multiplexing﹞ technology for Anti-Environment interference.
  5. A.G.C. ( Automatic Gain Control ) circuit.
  6. 99 % Beam Blocking Stability.

For more spec info, please visit Download Zone:
Brochure:2PH-30TAI / 2PH-60TAI
Manual Instruction:2PH-30TAI / 2PH-60TAI

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