Product Name : Heating Unit HT-200 (Optional)
Product Introduction

Model:Heating Unit HT-200 (Optional)
P/N:HT-150 / HT-200


  1. Heating Units designed for use in extremely cold area.
  2. Each set containing two(2) parts, one each for TX and RX respectively. 
  3. HT-61 could be applied to 2PH-30C / 60C & 2PH-30DQ / 60DQ.
  4. HT-150 could be applied to 2PH-100A / 150A & 2PH-100BQ / 150BQ.
  5. HT-200 could be applied to 4PH-75BQE / 150BQE / 250BQE.

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Manual Instruction:HT-150 / HT-200