Product Name : ST-820 CO+GAS Detector
Product Description
1 Gas alarm meets UL 1484 standard; Carbon monoxide alarm
meets the most recent UL 2034 standard; Compound alarm meets the
both standards.
2 Built-in the high tech carbon monoxide sensor and (or) the
gas sensor, has the high sensitivity, the high stability, and the high gas
selectivity’s characteristic, may precise detect the carbon monoxide
and (or) the gas concentration.
3 With the advanced high tech microprocessor and the wisdom
control, processing the precise computation of the carbon monoxide's
concentration and through time, and have much intelligent control.
4 Provide the test / silence button, besides internal selfdiagnosis,
under the stand-by status, may lightly press the test /
silence button to test the alarm. This button also provides the
specialist to test the system link when continuously presses the button
for 8 seconds.
5 Provide the power switch button, it automatically turn on
when inserts the power source, when continuously press the button for
1 second, it will turn off, and has the key tone. This button provides the
specialist to use; usually this product should setting for the turn on
6 Built-in the high efficiency wide-range Switching Power
Supply, suitable to the universal voltage.
Product Introduction