Alarm Security System

Sengate believes all security companies have set up 24-hour computerized monitor control centers to keep resident safe. Security companies may use new technology to detect the intruders more quickly and precisely, like to replace manpower with newly technology equipment, and install various detection equipment and through the internet from the client side to achieve getting alarm in time and properly. With currently security equipment, Sengate can help you to integrate the completely alarm system to have the output signal immediately when triggered, and any abnormal signal will be automatically recorded and sent back to the control center. At the same time, the security staff will be immediately notified to deal with it, so as to ensure the safety for the customer's life and property.

For more than 41 years, Sengate we have devoted ourselves to produce all various long-life and stable detectors, which can be connected to the mainframes of major system security companies smoothly. Sengate is your best partner and supplier of all kind of security companies.