Magnetic Shutter Sensor

There are two types of magnetic shutter sensors from Sengate which are as below:

  • PR-620 (Top Mount), it is usually mounted on the top or side, as shown in the picture, and cantilever can be adjusted. The detection distance reaches "80mm".
  • PR-630 (Wall Mount), it is usually installed on the side wall. The detection distance is "60mm"

The magnetic shutter sensor is mainly used to detect whether the rolling door is closed or not. It can be connected to an alarm host or used as a notification signal for opening and closing the rolling door by a smart security products. Although it is a small sensor, it is actually very practical and easy installation. And the life can be more than 10 years if your installation is properly.

Magnetic Shutter Sensor - SENGATEMagnetic Shutter Sensor - SENGATE