Industrial Safety

According to the different on-site environment, circumstances where protection of dangerous points and dangerous areas needs to be provided in a reliable and economical smart security system. It can be customized through infrared electronic fence solution to your factory Security System, which is a protection sensor and also suitable for special critical environment. 

In the factory  security system production line protection system, the most important thing is to precisely distinguish between personnel and materials pass by. Infrared detector equipment can monitor the employee and intruders to the dangerous area. There is no need to stop the equipment when the material passes. However, if someone enters the area, an alarm should be triggered in time to notify the management personnel to watch it to avoid any dangerous occurred.

Below is a sample of a large aluminum coil factory in Taiwan. Although there are fences and warning lights, they are still worried about falling down to the factory  track. Sengate invisible security solution can secure the environment safer. As long as someone falls down the track, the trolley will stop immediately to prevent any un-expecting accidents occurred.