Energy Infrastructure

With growing environmental consciousness, the problem of greenhouse effect has become more and more serious,  more and more countries have begun to increase the proportion of eco-friendly and renewable energy. The green energy is relatively less harmful to the environment and can effectively reduce the problem of carbon emissions.  According to 2020 Global Renewable Energy Report, the renewable energy power generation accounted for more than 27.3% of global power generation, so zero carbon is our imperative goal.

Moreover, the issue of solar power generation is not only popular in Asia, but also worldwide. Particularly European have aimed to develop more PV Park  Security System (Photovoltaic Park Security) to achieve zero carbon, Sengate Quad Beam Sensors are designated to be used with the security system because of the long life and stable characteristics. The security system are usually combined with alarm hosts and monitors to integrate a completely security system. The voltage and interference of photovoltaic park Security are usually relatively critical, Sengate beam sensors can be installed under such conditions and worked well to satisfied with our customers. With such reliable security system to ensure that your investment will not be exposed to the risks.


Reference Drawing of Electronic Fence for Photovoltaic Park Security