Smart Farming and Fishery Safety

The extreme climate to the people is getting more and more critical, and the problem of global food shortages is becoming more and more serious. Therefore, all countries hope to integrate the smart farm and fishery security system through technology to increase production capacity and efficiency. Firstly, we can collect massive data through environmental sensors. Quantifiable data such as temperature, humidity, illuminate, soil pH, when extreme weather comes, the security system can automatically turn on the corresponding protection equipment to avoid and reduce losses.

In addition to being afraid of climate-induced losses, the fishery industry is also afraid of the theft of farmed fish, especially some high-unit-price fish species, such as Penghu Anchovy and Grouper from the southern Taiwan are all expensive fish. If smart security system can be installed properly in time, so we can prevent intruders day and night. In addition to preventing intruders, security system can also be used as a remote control monitoring system and detection people falling into the fish farm system. Sengate security equipment can be docked with customer’s exist system to improve and upgrade security level.

Electronic Fence Infrared with Drone Application

Reference Application of Electronic Fence for Smart Farm Shed


Smart Fish Farm with Security System