City Safety

As sustainable development with innovation and technology in our life, we have changed many habits of our lives. Internet of Things Service (IoT) is a new industrial service model in our lives and so as in security services. 

Through continuous technological innovation and application, related technologies have begun to be applied accordingly. Like in smart homes, smart communities, and smart security, our security service have been changed from the original "after service" to "advanced prevention", which not only accelerates the improvement of the immediacy and effectiveness of the security part, but also gradually expands to all aspects of the family sensors, medical sensors, household appliances, smart electric locks, surveillance cameras and other devices are all prosperous widely applied of our living city. 

A smart city should be including home safety, disaster prevention, health care, energy conservation, sustainability, convenience and comfort to the people. Sengate aims to bring peace, smart and prosperity to support the important works in the city where we live.