Magnetic Switch

The work theory of Magnetic Switches is very simple, 2 pieces of magnetizable reed of the terminal point , place overlap and sealed inside a thin glass protection, and the 2 pieces of magnetizable reed are presented with a small gap.

The magnetic field will be produced when magnet near to the reed, it will makes a difference polarity between the 2 pieces terminal position, the polarize in opposite way and attract one another. A magnetic reed switch may set in normally open (and normally off), unless a magnet is positioned right next to it, when it switches on, allowing a current to flow through it. These kind of magnetic reed switches can be used in the detection of windows, glass windows and roll-up doors, etc.

The magnetic reed switch has a concealed magnetic reed and an uncovered magnetic reed:

  • Concealed magnetic spring (MS-60~68): often used in new building projects, concealed magnetism has to be pre-buried in the tube because of its wiring, gates, doors and windows also need to be pre-dug holes (9mmØ and 19mmØ) in advance, the construction is cumbersome but beautiful neat.
  • Uncovered magnetic spring (MS-46/50): Suitable for various situations, easy to install and construct, and stable quality. The disadvantage is not beautiful.

If you need a reed switch with COM/NC/NO contacts at the same time, please choose MS-51/MS-63/MS-65. For special demand, please contact us for business consultation. Sengate patented magnetic reed switch MS-64/65 has a detection distance of more than 3 cm, high fault tolerance and easy construction.

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