How to choose a suitable infrared and reduce your cost ❓
The technical specifications of infrared are so complicated, how to choose the smart one and save your money ? Let Sengate takes you to understand how to choose your suitable infrared step by step->
Checking your demand by below priority
2.Indoor / Outdoor?
3. More than 2 infrared rays are stacked on the same detection surface?
4. There is much environmental interference?
Infrared selection is mainly based on distance. SENGATE's infrared distance has enough detector distance, so you don't need to worry about the infrared detection distance. To use of long-distance infrared will have a problem of stong signal reflection if you installed in a too-short distance.
#Please refer to the infrared model selection table
➡️ After determining the detection distance, select it according to the use environment
➡️ Single-beam infrared is suitable for indoor use; double beam and quad beam infrared can be used indoors / outdoors.
➡️ Do I need to stack two or more infrared? Single beam for use in a single layer. For a multi-layer protective surface, you can choose TAI series quad 4 channels.
➡️ For environments with a lot of interferences, such as rainy areas, nearby power plants or transformer boxes, radio interference, etc., you need to choose high-end infrared AD(Advanced) series.
The full product line of infrared
#Infrared all made in Taiwan
#Good Infrared could be used in harsh environments
#Anti-interference AD series passed EU and EMC test