Pingtung Solar Smart Farm Shed Security System

Pingtung Solar Smart Farm Shed Security System

This is a smart farm shed in Pingtung. Solar panels are installed on the farm shed to generate electricity, and non-toxic agricultural products such as vegetables are planted underneath. It is equipped with the AIoT Internet of Things.Collect soil moisture, pH, illuminance, temperature and humidity, etc. After collecting the data, you can know the environment in which agricultural products can grow better.
Environmental control can also be done to reduce manpower to increase the harvest. These agricultural products are the fruits of farmers' hard work. How to use security systems to protect the farmer's harvest?

Sengate's Tower Infrared Beam Sensor - Electric Fence System
Sengate's engineers installed the tower infrared beam sensors to protective the farm shed with a high-end four-beam infrared model (lightning resistance achieve to 6000V).
This security system establishes an invisible line of defense around the farm, which can alert the security guards immediately when a thief invades.
This kind of tower-type protective cover is suitable for large open areas. After the tower-type protective cover is installed, the entire infrared rays are hidden.
The intruders did not know how many sets of infrared rays install inside, let the intruders give up easily!!


Infrared Electric Fence + Drone Patrol

In addition to using IoT to collect mass data, in this case,  we also combines infrared sensors with the IoT system. When the infrared is triggered, the drone will automatically patrol the triggered location to find the abnormal, and it will automatically track and alert until the abnormal disappear in the guard area.

Sengate is the only manufacturer of tower infrared beam sensors in Taiwan, you can choose your suitable model from 1 meter to 3 meters in length.
There are many other applications of this type of tower infrared, Sengate can offer the customize security solution for your projects. Please feel free to contact us.

Tower Infrared Beam Sensor: TA-120/TA-130
High-end Anti Environment Interference Detector: 4PB-200AD